Massive head and shoulders in gold miners; do they signal a market panic?

I noticed this pattern today and I'm not the only one. The downside target is the 2009 lows! Are miners signaling a major correction in stocks?

In the light of all this, how do the PM stock index charts look right now? – in a word they look terrible.

Our 6-year chart for the HUI index shows a massive completing Head-and-Shoulders top. We have observed this menacing pattern for some considerable time, but for a while thought it would abort because of the negative extremes of sentiment already afflicting the sector. However, we should recall from 2008 that sentiment can get even worse as prices plunge precipitously. The relative strength of the sector against the broad market in the recent past has been appalling, and this does not bode at all well for it in the event that the broad market goes into reverse as expected. While we are aware that the sector could go contra-cyclical at any point, as it has traditionally done in the past, and we will always be on the lookout for signs of this happening, at this point it looks like it will be subject to a similar cycle of forced liquidation as in 2008. If the broad stockmarket reverses hard it looks likely that the HUI index will crash the crucial support at the lower boundary of the Head-and-Shoulders top pattern and plunge, with a probable downside target in the vicinity of the 2008 lows, and possibly lower. We have a general stop at 358 on this index and will be out of all remaining holdings in the sector if this fails – we are not going to be caught napping like the unfortunate folks in 2008.
Click the link for much more on the current market technicals, including some Elliot Wave analysis.

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