Biological Implications of Supercycle Top

First some background. r/K selection theory
In ecology, r/K selection theory relates to the selection of combinations of traits in an organism that trade off between quantity and quality of offspring. The focus upon either increased quantity of offspring at the expense of individual parental investment, or reduced quantity of offspring with a corresponding increased parental investment, varies widely, seemingly to promote success in particular environments.
In this context, r-selection makes a species prone to numerous reproduction at low cost per individual offspring, while K-selected species expend high cost in reproduction for a low number of more difficult to produce offspring. Neither mode of propagation is intrinsically superior, and in fact they can coexist in the same habitat, as in rodents and elephants.

Strauss and Howe’s Generational Theory, in the Context of r/K Theory
The theory states that our history has four phases which repeat endlessly. The phases are Crisis, High, Awakening, and Unraveling. Here, Crisis is r-psychologies confronted by the shortage of K-selection. This turmoil produces an adaptive shift in the population’s psychology towards a more K-selected, politically Conservative psychology. High is the environment of r-selected resource excess that is produced by a majority K-selected populace, living in an environment where these rewards are enjoyed by those who produce them. Awakening and Unraveling are just the leftists gradually increasing in number due to the r-selection, and fucking up a good thing until it all falls apart, and the Crisis returns.

There is one huge difference this time, and that is our use of public debt to increase resource availability and extend the period of r-selection. This has allowed for a slight increase in the population’s shift towards the r-psychology in this cycle, and lengthened the period of Unraveling. That all will increase the magnitude of the Crisis we will face. This would have been predictable, if you had viewed the increases in national debt which began around 1980 in the context of this work . The disturbing aspect of this is that when the collapse comes, the hardcore Left will be particularly loony, since their amygdalae have essentially no adaptation to a more free, competitive environment. Today, not having free government healthcare, and free cellphones is the same to them as being tossed into Lord of the Flies. When things get so bad that there is no food or housing, they will be capable of anything. The coming Crisis will be epic.
We know from history that birth rates fall during an economic crisis, but if Elliot Waves are a self-regulating phenomena, then the crisis is a response to an unsustainable growth in population. What made it possible up until now is the use of debt to fuel continued growth in the economy, beyond the natural rate. Also, we continue to see peak mood policies playing out by politicians and elites who do not understand that the peak is in the past. The pursuit of amnesty for illegal immigrants, instead of mass deportation, means the coming crisis will be even larger due to the continued addition of population into an economy unable to sustain it at current living standards. Odds are good that most illegal immigrants may eventually self-deport even after receiving amnesty, due to the collapse in living standards in a strained American economy.

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