Rebirth of the City State

In recent posts on secession, I posted a map highlighting potential areas for secession. One of the areas was around the Washington, D.C. area. A little to the north, the same situation is at work, and now Western Maryland is talking about secession. The same pattern is playing out all over America: rural areas want to break their political ties to the urban centers. On a whole range of issues, the urban/rural split is the dividing line politically. Since cities are politically dominant they aren't choosing secession for themselves, rather it's the surrounding areas that wish to jettison the cities. Either way, the result will be the same. The return of the city-state.

The group pushing for secession is small and only recently formed, in the news clip below they note the Facebook page has received 3600 likes, which is to say, they don't have much support yet.

Conservative group wants liberation for western Maryland
Still, it's a free country, a constitutional democracy. If the people behind the Western Maryland Initiative want to spend their time pressing for secession — instead of, say, trying to bring the Republican Party into the 21st Century, recruiting new candidates, registering new voters — have at it, fellas.

But I think it's easier just to move to the Idaho panhandle, or southern Pennsylvania.
The author says the people should just move to southern Pennsylvania, the next state to the north. Just as plausible is that southern Pennsylvania, tired of being dominated by Philadelphia, will also secede, or that Western Maryland would simply merge into Pennsylvania.

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