Social Mood and the Internet

Latin America, China, India and Russia, now Western Europe are moving away from an open Internet and towards an internal network model. For those who disbelieve in socionomics, they will blame the NSA spying scandal, but this is about much more because everyone spies on everyone. Certainly, Western governments, who benefit from U.S. intelligence and military protection, would not be taking actual steps to create this type of network during a period of positive social mood.

Germany wants a German Internet as spying scandal rankles
As a diplomatic row rages between the United States and Europe over spying accusations, state-backed Deutsche Telekom wants German communications companies to cooperate to shield local internet traffic from foreign intelligence services.
This is the first step. Later, when it the goal is hard to achieve and social mood declines, they will go the route of China. Instead of having an open Internet, the will build an internal network.

If even the Internet can become closed, how can anyone have optimism for the EU and other international cooperative efforts?

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