France Gives Warning of Inflation Riots to Come

The French stock market peaked in 2000. The 19th year of a bear market has recently begun as the market likely achieved its second bear market rally peak. Mood is turning down again within this overall negative trend.

Evening Standard: Paris riots: 133 people injured in France and over 400 arrested as protesters rage at rising cost of living
In the United States, President Trump was elected to reverse falling living standards falling life expectancy, porous borders, and low employment. He is not succeeding on any of these issues. Most of his challengers (in both parties) want to make these problems worse by doubling-down on existing policies that created the mess. Even if the establishment unleashes a major reform effort to solve these issues, the situation hitting France is coming anyway because the U.S. dollar will eventually succumb to revaluation along with all the fiat before it.

Another lesson from France: even regime opponents are lumped in with the establishment. Le Pen is as likely to go the way of the dodo as the establishment of France because they go together like yin and yang. The collapse of the GOP establishment along with the Democrat establishment in 2016 was a small taste of what is brewing.

Macron was the poster boy for the globalist establishment. He was a sign in 2017 that populism could be stopped. Instead, he has ignited a more violent response to globalist, establishment thinking. It is better to have reform come early and be successful than to deny "populists" power. If Trump fails in the U.S., the result will not be pretty. Parties shut out of power in Europe are more likely to win total control over political power when the public finally revolts. Those in power, such as 5-star and the League, are as likely to be tossed as anyone unless they take bold steps to change course.

If the central bankers of the world hadn't convinced enough people that they'd solved the crisis, right now we'd all be calling this The Greater Depression. Social mood is very negative and the establishment is still pushing more extreme versions of the very policies that ignite public rage. Immigration should have been restricted after the year 2000, but politicians are calling for open borders and mass migration. Banking should have been reformed after 2008, not rebooted. In the U.S., healthcare should have been reformed, instead Obamacare was a giveaway to insurance companies and made the IRS their enforcers.

Finally, a key to the French riots is they are leaderless. It's a genuine mass movement. There's no one to negotiate with. When this comes to the U.S., there will be completely different groups and ideologies rioting in the cities and rural areas. These groups will have 180 degree opposite demands. The center is already collapsing, but when the riots hit, it will be gone. If establishment centrists hold power at that time with a puppet like Macron, they will be powerless.

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