China Collusion Narrative Has Only Begun

Consider the FBI put Michael Flynn in jail for not committing any crime, for nothing related to Russiagate. It was a manufactured crime.

Consider that U.S. government officials, included elected Senators and House members, corporate CEOs, universities and professors, journalists, medical researchers and more...have extensive ties with China. The FBI could spend years putting people in jail for actual crimes, let alone rack up thousands or tens of thousands of procedural crimes similar to Flynn.

ZH: Rabobank: "How Is This Not Front-Page News?"
the Trump White House is going to “turbocharge” the extraction of supply-chains from China, taking an ‘all of government’ approach; this including financial incentives such as tax cuts or subsidies for those firms; the US is considering higher tariffs and targeted sanctions of Chinese individuals, and even close relations with Taiwan as well; and it wishes to bring other countries with it in a so-called new “Economic Prosperity Network”, which sounds like a combination of the TPP and the Cold War. At any point during the 2018-19 trade war, this would have been front page news. Instead, it got hardly a mention. It did rightly see markets dip somewhat yesterday, but arguably not to the extent the story deserved. It also ignored Peter Navarro following up that “Buy American would soon be the law of the land” for some US government departments.
As I put it before, Russiagate Was Bootloader for China Trade War. Russiagate was one of the worst episodes of jingoism and xenophobia in U.S. history. It also looks like the greatest scandal in American history and the greatest abuse of government power. Watergate is a small thing next to the crimes of Russiagate, which looks like a modern coup attempt. (General Michael Flynn was targeted because he was independent. As NSA advisor, he could dig into who was behind the Russiagate effort.) And since "the Cathedral" doesn't want to have Russiagate blow back on them and turn into something far larger than Watergate, what better way than to redirect all the Russiagate anger into anti-China sentiment? Trump supporters will take their revenge on China colluders, and the unrequited rage of the Russiagaters can also be sated with Chinagate. Trump and the nationalists get their trade war. Globalists get to push back on China as a competitor to U.S. global hegemony. Who's going to stop this train?

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