Raising Cash in Best of Funds

I'm limited to 35 percent cash positions on Marketocracy if I want to keep my fund in compliance, and I'm going to that limit today in my Best of Funds by exiting some hedges. I was in the double-short euro fund, DRR, double short gold, DZZ, and long U.S. dollar, UUP. This is a technical trade based on the fact that gold is outperforming regardless of the direction of the dollar, and the U.S. dollar fell during the rally and during the sell-off.

I may be mistaken. This could be a blow-off move and the dollar will rally as equities fall. However, I believe I can gain more from being in short equity ETFs than in long U.S. dollar or short euro ETFs. A big cash position gives me options, which I want at a time such as this.

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