OTB Portfolio Launches!

I've created a new portfolio. I call it the OTB portfolio, for Obama/Tim Geithner/Ben Bernanke.

It holds five stocks that represent the OTB Economy: Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. GM might count, but these guys love financials and credit is the backbone of the American economy, judging by their comments and actions.

I've made the portfolio value $1,000, so any widow or orphan should be able to scrape together enough food stamps to buy into Hope.

Of course I'm way behind the curve. Had I launched the portfolio on July 31, it would already be up 40% to $1399.12. Nevertheless, today is as good as any and Bernanke was just reappointed because he saved the world from Depression! Lots more gains must be on the way...it's not like this was an optimism driven rally and Bernanke's reappointment represents a top or anything.

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