Kremlin Wars from Stratfor

Stratfor has put out a series on Russia.
Kremlin Wars Intro
Kremlin Wars Part 2
Kremlin Wars Part 3
Kremlin Wars Part 4 (Out on October 27)
Kremlin Wars Part 5 (Out on October 28)

After reading parts one through three, you'll understand this news item: Kremlin warns against wrecking Russia with democracy
Kremlin Deputy Chief of Staff Vladislav Surkov said it was clear Russia was falling behind in many areas of economic development and that the country could not simply continue being a "resource power."

But in answer to calls from opponents for democratic reforms to liberalize the political system built under former President Vladimir Putin, Surkov warned that the resulting instability could rip Russia apart.

"Even now when power is rather consolidated and ordered, many projects are very slow and difficult," Surkov was quoted as saying by the Itogi weekly magazine.

"If we add any sort of political instability to that then our development would simply be paralyzed. There would be a lot of demagoguery, a lot of empty talk, a lot of lobbying and ripping Russia to pieces, but no development."

As the Kremlin's point man on domestic politics, Surkov rarely speaks in public.

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