Nice down move today, but will it reverse again?

I haven't had time to do a post on my Marketocracy portfolio performance last month, but I did add some inverse ETFs to a couple portfolios today. The Best of Funds was a bad performer since March because its been defensive most of the way, but it has outperformed over the past two weeks.

Although I recently added a small holding in China Rare Earth and had previously made a small purchase of CBM Asia Development (TCF.V), a coalbed methane exploration company with operations in Indonesia, my main positions are 20+ Year Treasury (TLT) and, for the moment, Double Short Oil (DTO).

I have some puts on Starbucks (SBUX) which I bought way too early. Going forward, I'll make use of puts, currency futures, and inverse ETFs.

I've been burned several times by market reversals, however, and I may quickly reverse all my bearish positions if the market moves higher with conviction.

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