Canadian government falls; bloodbath in NSW

Election leads to Labor's bloodbath
Until yesterday, Labor held 50 of the 93 seats in the Legislative Assembly, the Liberals and Nationals 37, and six were held by the independents.

Late last night, Labor had been reduced to a rump, holding just 18 seats, while the Liberals won 61. Three independents picked up seats, and 11 were too close to call.
The Shooters & Fishers Party, what appears to be a right-wing alternative to the Greens, also may have picked up seats.

Canadian government falls: Bloc Quebecois will rise
But this is what I’ve seen: Canadians really are one of the most unique peoples in the world, and when they fall into the American tailwind Quebec will react. Quebec will demand that they come back to the fight between the Habs and the Leafs and leave the Americans behind. A liberal Canadian government following in the wake of Obama would bring with it a Tea Party reaction, and Canada already has one. It is called the Bloc Quebecois and it is the mother of all Tea Parties.

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