Zombie attacks continue

The zombie meme is firmly planted in the media's head, and perhaps the public as well, if this is a new trend rather than a shift in reporting focus.

Latest 'zombie' eating attack: Man under the influence gets naked, bites off chunk of man's arm

It comes as Moody's kicks off another round of action among the zombie banks: Credit Suisse Cut 3 Levels As Moody’s Downgrades Banks
“All of the banks affected by today’s actions have significant exposure to the volatility and risk of outsized losses inherent to capital-markets activities,” Moody’s Global Banking Managing Director Greg Bauer said in the statement.
The downgrades leave Citigroup Inc. (C) and Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America Corp. (BAC) as the lowest-rated banks among the 15 at Baa2, two levels above junk. Moody’s kept the long-term ratings of both lenders on negative outlook, which means they may be cut again.

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