Carriers in the News

Chinese news sites are filled with stories of two famous aircraft carriers. The first:
Aircraft carrier replica model scuttled
The giant building, a full-size replica of USS Enterprise, was designed as an entertainment complex in Binzhou, carrying the ambitions of the unknown coastal city.

A total of about 120 million yuan had been thrown into the project since the construction started in 2003. Five years later it opened for business as the iconic landmark of the city.

The money-burning project was contracted to government-backed companies, including an entertainment company which runs the complex. Ji Zaizhen, former deputy chief of the local tourism department, is a senior executive of the company now, according to China Youth Daily.
Why did they blow nearly $20 million on this project? For the GDP.

In contrast to this concrete carrier, there is Japan's new carrier:
Less interesting than what the Izumo can do now, however, is what it may do in the future. Not only does it merely look a lot like an aircraft carrier, but its dimensions are quite similar to those of ships that have carried not only helicopters, but fighter jets as well. Compare its 248-meter deck and its 27,000-ton displacement, for example, to Britain’s HMS Invincible-class ships, which are 209 meters in length, have displacements of 22,000 tons, and launch Harriers off the deck.
Yes, it is an aircraft carrier. Japan is preparing for the collapse of the American security umbrella, which could come in the future through multiple channels: financial, political, or lack of will to intervene in a dispute.

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