Changhsa Sky City Roundup: Regulatory Hurdles, Wetlands, High Cost and Developer Responses

One article calls the building a fantasy, and notes something I hadn't seen before: in addition to a hospital, the building is planning to have a crematorium. It also discusses the regulatory hurdles still in front of the project.


Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban officials confessed a sky city still preliminary technical review stage, is still far away from the administrative examination and approval. "As far as I know, the technical review are just getting started. First determine the technology can do, talk about administrative approval. Program within six months will not necessarily go down."

Lofty hurdle to cross two, one is technical, the other channel is the administrative examination and approval, "the province after receiving design, do demonstrate the whole process, you may have to engage in a year or two could not finish."

Sky City Senior Review Committee, an expert overrun the Southern Weekend reporter said, "overrun review has been carried out over eight months, Broad is currently not pass., There are many issues remain unresolved, such as structure, technology and other aspects of compliance did not . "

Wang investors are not optimistic about the review. "I am Zhang Yue said, it is impossible to build to go abroad. Abroad Some cities have placed orders. Zhang said that this depends on fate."

Wetlands! Apparently Sky City needs an environmental impact study due to wetlands in the area.
长沙“天空之城”被指侵占湿地 未通过环评就开建
Environmental NGO "Nature university" promoters Feng Yongfeng bluntly, Changsha ranks the "stove" the first, mainly due to a large number of natural wetlands disappear Changsha.

"Sky City" developers Yuanda Group, this time to become environmentalists have accused the object. They criticized the "Sky City" is destroying the last piece of wetland Changsha Daze lake.

In the "Sky City" site "leveling" to clear the table work site, you can clearly see Osawa Lake Wetland soils buried by new signs.

Pipeline to the site and some Osawa lake. Field workers according to the argument, laying pipes in water supply lake Osawa construction site use only. The site also dug a ditch to the center of the lake, earthwork has already crossed the lake birds a place to stay.

Exposure due course of time, the water level of the lake Osawa has been less than knee deep.

Osawa lake or some birds habitat. Therefore Changsha Bird lovers protest: Yuanda Group on wetlands and waterfowl wetland how to compensate? Why Broad Group in the "Sky City" in the construction of the EIA does not indicate these?

Osawa around Lake fishing wire mesh and grid fowler prevailed, so that wetland birds and fish are largely disappear. Environmentalists are worried that the drought filling the encroachment of wetlands pumping, it will give Osawa Lake Ecological bring disaster.

Environmentalists have criticized the Yuanda Group barbaric construction, they called in Changsha drought severe cases, "Sky City" project must immediately stop pumping construction, at least for now to "stay the water drought."

By the "natural College" Daze Lake fate initiates concern environmentalists joint letter to Zhang Yue, Broad Group urged not to damage the ecology of Lake Osawa, open the "Sky City" relevant planning and environmental impact assessment reports.
In the U.S., when the environmentalists show up late to protest a project, it's usually funded by a competitor or being used as cover for an otherwise popular project. In China, the environmentalists are less likely to be paid shills, but either way, it's another headache for Sky City.

Finally, this article discusses the cost of Sky City, noting that while the building will be cheap relative to other skyscrapers, the construction costs may be 9000 yuan per square meter, or double the cost of home prices in Changsha. The building may be an impressive feat of engineering and efficiency, but relative to the local market, it will be an expensive building. Might it be the first ghost city in a single building?

远大天空之城遭质疑 成本价超周边房价近一倍

"Sky City" cost of $ 9 billion, has been known only traditional construction costs similar construction, 1/2, compared to the current world's tallest building "Burj Dubai" is also a lot cheaper, but as a high-rise building, the construction cost still much higher than ordinary homes. In this Boao Real Estate Forum, Tang Ying interview at the scene, said, "Sky City" construction costs will reach 9,000 yuan / square meter.

Finally, there are the responses from the developer concerning these issues.

远大天空之城楼面价仅483元 成本价高达九千元

Five responses

  Broad is not wanted landmark?

  Response: Because happens ambitious "Sky City" Bidibaita to 10 meters high, it is defined as the world's tallest building. Everyone says, "You are not wanted landmark"? In fact, we do not to landmark, our idea is very simple, we are ambitious to use sustainable building techniques and principles to build a utility building.

  Sky urban encroachment Changsha wetlands?

  Response: There may be some who question before us where the project area is a wetland, in fact, doing this project wetland area will not decrease, but will amplify. We hope to be able to do what we can build such a building as an urban green space vacated two square kilometers. At present China's urban per capita area is 500 square meters, the sky city was built, our per capita area of ​​only four square meters (including buildings surrounding land). Sky City entire building area is 1,050,000 square meters, the base area of ​​09,000 square meters, the floor covering rate of only 1%.

  How to solve the high-rise buildings enclosed "Air conditioning disease"?

  Response: As we all know, for the high-rise building space, it will produce a sealed air conditioning disease. Sky City each floor of the air is not crossed, after we measure the indoor rather than outdoor air cleaner. This is how you do it? We adopted a new air heat recovery unit, one hundred percent fresh air, the traditional air conditioning 30% new wind, 70% return air. And coming from the outdoor air is collected through three filters, you can filter out 99% of PM 2.5.

  How household contact with nature?

  Response: The question has often been said that the number of how much you lift, you will not feel more inconvenient back and forth? Also including households how to approach the problem of nature. We follow the traditional high-rise is not the same, the design of a 11 km-long ramp, ramp designed around the traditional streets. In addition there are 56 on both sides of the street basketball court than a large space, you can set a variety of formats into a park. Besides building is also designed with more than 86,000 square meters of a three-dimensional organic farm, where building back sets, but also can be made into a large open-air garden.

  If you think this does not work, I can always down to the household level, go outside that large tracts of woods, large wetlands, it is sufficiently close to nature with a contact and exchange.

  How to ensure the safety of such a high building?

  Response: We also include the questions raised safety issues, in fact, than some of our traditional building high-rise some better safety performance. First, from the shape, it is not particularly exaggerated form, is a very simple cone, beneath a large, gradually narrowing above this pyramid shape, the structure is very stable, and I have received such a structural system of the National Expert Group recognition. Steel security at the Eiffel Tower has been confirmed.

  "Sky City" All the seismic performance have already passed the checking and testing to ensure that earthquake did not fall. For steel, may be of particular interest to us is the fire of the problem, we all steel wrapped with fireproof, resistant to burning is three hours or more, which has already passed the Tianjin Fire fire performance testing. There wind problem, we say that this building to a certain height, it may affect not only the issue of the earthquake, as well as the wind problem. We have already passed the three wind loading experiments relevant institutions, to achieve a higher level of safety.

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