Oil Price Slump Bad News for China's Energy & Industrial Belt

The hardest hit provinces in China are those where coal, oil and steel are major industries. A month ago I posted Liaoning Sounds Warning on Chinese Economy. Today, the provincial real estate investment figures are out again and it shows and uptick in most of the country, but the provinces with large industrial and energy sectors remain below the national growth rate.

Here are the real estate investment growth rates for these provinces:

In June of this year, I had two post on Tianjin.

Tianjin Rebuilds Manhattan in Binhai; Has 90% Empty Ghost City in Baodi
Tianjin Industrial Growth Rate Falls to 13 Year Low in May; City Government Shocked

Tianjin's industrial production growth rate dipped into the summer and then rebounded to 9.5% in October. Looks like the real estate sector was used to pull growth higher......

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