Home Sales Picked Up in First Tier Cities

Prices slipped last month, but sales were strong in all the first tier cities. Beijing data is in the article, it was also covered separately here.

iFeng: 11月份全国楼市集体回暖 北京成交创年内新高

Besides Beijing, according to the Shanghai Data Center, Shanghai commercial housing turnover November held steady, commercial housing a total turnover of 8742 units, a decline of 4.8%, for a total area of ​​1,039,500 traded flat, down 4.79 percent compared with October, the monthly turnover of the area again more than one million square meters, becoming the second highest monthly total in 2014. On the supply-demand relationship, November Shanghai area of ​​1.233 million square meters of new supply, essentially flat with the previous two months, is still high, the developer wishes to enter the market continues unabated.

According to the monitoring data of Shenzhen Centaline showed that in November, 5787 Shenzhen residential sales units were sold, growth of 21%, closing an area of ​​574,700 square meters, growth of 28%, the second highest level since 2010 regulations; second-hand housing the turnover of 6266 units, the chain greatly increased 64.7%; price, November Shenzhen city residential sales price of 26,536 yuan / square meter, a record high, up 19.5%.

In addition, November 11 districts in Guangzhou net signed 7094 first-hand residential units, down 3.6 percent; closing an area of ​​817,019 square meters, edged down 1.9% qoq%; the average transaction price is reached 15,582 yuan / square meter, up 8.2 percent, greatly increased 33.1 percent year on year.

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