Chinese Cities to Link Residential Land Supply With Population

iFeng: 楼市调控思路重大变化:“人地挂钩”加快一二线供地
Centaline real estate chief market analyst Zhang Dawei said that the past few years on the big cities are proposed to strictly control the border, reduce land supply, but now is to adapt to changes in population movements, increase the supply of land in large cities, "This idea is a major change in property market regulation."
What's the big idea? Linking land supply to population changes.
In the past for a long time, China's implementation of "control the size of large cities, and actively develop medium-sized cities and small cities," the small and medium-sized urbanization strategy, land supply to the three or four lines of cities tilt, and the population to the metropolitan area gathered trend divergence. As a result of this supply and demand mismatch, part of a second-tier urban land supply is insufficient, housing prices bubble serious, and three or four lines of urban land supply serious surplus, land waste, efficiency is very serious.

Therefore, the implementation of "people to hook" in order to communicate with the population of the situation and the actual needs of the match.

Held in December last year, the central economic work conference clearly to implement the people linked to the policy, according to the distribution of population distribution of land use indicators. To implement the responsibility of the local government, the real estate prices rose the pressure of the city to a reasonable increase in land supply, increase the proportion of residential land, make up the city idle and inefficient use.

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