New Shanghai Housing Development: Rental Only

A Shanghai housing development being offered for rent instead of sale made headlines as Chinese wonder if it signals a change in the market.

iFeng: 楼市出现只租不售现象 房子会越来越便宜吗?
The two pieces were in Zhangjiang and Jiading, the use of a column marked "rental room", which means that developers must be self-holding after 70 years.

For such a notice, in fact, indicates that the first-tier cities are accelerating the development of the rental market. This is undoubtedly for living in the front line of ordinary people is a big positive. The future of the property market is not only a second line and three or four line differentiation, it is within the city of differentiation, what people rent, what people buy a house, the pattern will be more and more clear.

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