12 Banks Stop Existing-Home Mortgage Lending in Hefei

Chinese real estate controls reliably fail. Chinese credit controls fail. Chinese credit policy works. If they are able to cut off credit to the housing market and grow credit, that is something new. There are no signs of credit growth yet.

China has reliably failed to grow the economy without credit pouring into real estate. If they are able to grow the economy and credit, without primary or secondary effects in the housing market, that is something new. There's no sign of that yet.

If they choke off credit to housing without making it up elsewhere, put on your crash helmet.

iFeng: 这个城市12家银行“停贷”二手房,透露啥信号?
Since the second half of the year in 2019, especially since the middle and late July, the mortgage interest rates in many hotspots have increased significantly and the pace has become increasingly dense.

A few days ago, some media reported that the latest loan of 18 banks in Anhui Hefei, the first home loan interest rate rose 20% is the mainstream; and Hefei has many banks do not do second-hand housing loans , and even some banks stop new home loans .

"Is an emergency loan to buy a house, but the bank does not take orders. " Is this true?

Hefei, Anhui: Many banks stop second-hand housing loan business

Ms. Cheng, a citizen of Hefei, Anhui, sold her own property in June this year. The mortgage payment procedures have been completed, and the buyer’s loan approval is over. But recently, the news that many banks stopped originating existing housing loans made her worry.

Ms. Cheng, Hefei, Anhui: I signed a contract with the other party, passed the household, and also mortgaged. Now I am worried that bank loans will not come . When can I get the money? Or I can’t borrow it. What should I do if I breach the contract?

In response to the concerns of Ms. Cheng, the reporter also contacted several banks by phone. Some related banks said that the mortgage policy has not changed, and the reason for the “stop loan” is that the bank’s monthly limit is insufficient.

Reporter: Hello, what is the situation of your bank second-hand housing loan?

Huaxia Bank staff: second-hand housing is not done.

Reporter: Why?

Huaxia Bank: There is no reason why the policy inside and below is not done now.

The staff of China Postal Savings Bank: I am not allowed for the time being. I have to wait for the notice later. I have no quota for the time being, so I will not accept it.

Hangzhou Bank staff: You have to ask the intermediary and Hangzhou Bank whether there is cooperation , if there is something we can do for you, if not , can't do it now.

Everbright Bank staff: Now do not use second-hand housing for the time being.

It is understood that 12 banks in Hefei have not used second-hand housing loans: Construction Bank, Bank of China, Hangzhou Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank, Bank of Communications, Bohai Bank, Agricultural Bank, Guangfa Bank, China Postal Savings Bank. , CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank .

Among them, Hangzhou Bank and Hua Xia Bank also stopped new home loans.

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