Updated: General Strike, Hong Kong International Airport Announcement

The HKIA put out a warning about flights on Monday. Now there is a report about airport personnel taking part in a general strike.

Looks like the strike is going to take place.

Hong Kong Free Press: What Hongkongers should know before going on strike on Monday

晴报: 堵要道阻港鐵 「三罷」勢癱瘓香港
The anti-fugitive amendments escalated. The netizens called for a general strike in the whole territory and a 7-zone rally, and blocked traffic routes and asked the government to respond to the five major demands. The Workers' Union refers to at least nearly 200,000 members responding, and more than 1,000 companies take the initiative to take the leave; bus captains, MTR staff, flight attendants, civil servants, social welfare, education, and medical care. The Government urges the public to keep their jobs and cherish the status of an international financial center. In addition, more than 70 flights will be cancelled today, and the AA will appeal to passengers to confirm the flight first.

"Three strikes" have been brewing for many days. Wu Miner, chairman of the Workers' Union, said that nearly 200,000 members of 95 genres will respond, including security, cleaning, MTR staff, bus captains, flight attendants, etc. More than 20 people from all walks of life participated in more than 10,000 people. There were also more than a thousand employers taking the initiative to take a day off. The momentum was strong. If the government does not respond to the demands, it will not rule out the second or third strike.

More than a thousand companies took the initiative to urge the Hong Kong government to respond

Wu Shiping, a member of the China Social Security Front, said that as of 7:30 last night, there were 20 agencies involved in the strike and 2,397 people, and 42 service units on the 1st holiday. A group of Cathay Pacific staff and at least 200 Hong Kong and Shanghai Airlines staff, including pilots, flight attendants and ground crews, also responded; it was reported that about one-third of the Air Traffic Controllers of the Civil Aviation Department had taken sick leave collectively; the AA pointed out that some people initiated airport employees to participate in the strike. The operation will maintain close communication with the airport business partners and provide contingency measures to maintain smooth operation of the airport.

The Director of the NWFB Trade Union, Mr Lam Kam-chuen, said that it was known that there were car owners involved in the strike but there were no confirmed numbers. It is reported that the reserve drivers will be mobilized to maintain their operation. NWFB Citybus did not respond before the deadline. KMB will closely monitor the situation. Du Guangren, chairman of the Hong Kong Railway Company Staff Association, said that the bus captain and the stationmaster were generally scheduled to work a few weeks ago, making it difficult to take time off in the short term. The MTR said that it closely monitors the situation. It is necessary to flexibly deploy manpower and urge passengers not to obstruct the train doors or other activities that affect train operation.

Medical care is not appropriate or wears black support

Ma Zhongyi, president of the Association of Public Medical Doctors, believes that frontline medical care and clinicians understand that the work is heavy and the strike is not appropriate. As for the personal actions of other grades, they have their freedom. Some colleagues have launched black clothes and black masks to show their support. Xinglin Awakening member Huang Renqi said I know that there are a few frontline medical care responses, and the clothing will also be matched. The Secretary for Food and Health, Mr Chan Chan-chuen, believes that when patients express their demands, they will put the well-being of patients first.

A notice of no objection has been issued in the other districts. In addition to the Tsuen Wan, the public has been given a notice of no objection to the public in respect of the Hong Kong Road. Disneyland staff will also hold a rally in the main gate square, and Disney said it respects employees to express their opinions in different ways.

A government spokesman said that any large-scale strikes and violent conflicts have affected the normal living and economic activities of Hong Kong citizens and caused great damage to law and order, economy, people's livelihood and employment. For the demonstrations that may occur today, the Government urges members of the public not to participate in illegal activities such as road closures and to not interfere with transportation facilities.

HKIA: Important Notice
Flight Infomation on 05-08-2019

Potential circumstances on Monday, 5 August might affect airport operation. The Airport Authority advises passengers to check with their airlines for the latest flight information, and to proceed to the airport only when their seats and flight time have been confirmed. Passenger should pay attention to the latest announcement by airlines, and also check with HKIA’s website or “HKG My Flight” mobile app for latest flight information.
Occams's razor says another protest by airport personnel.

Guardian: Hong Kong airport staff stage protest against Yuen Long attack
Flight attendants and airport staff have begun a planned 11-hour protest at Hong Kong international airport to call on the government to account for a violent attack on residents by suspected gang members last week.

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