Bo supporter Zhou Yongkang fades from power

The fallout from the Bo Xilai story is that his supporter on the Politburo, Zhou Yongkang, is losing influence. Some speculated he might fall as well, but with a leadership transition on the way, he is simply fading away. The latest hot topic is the front page of the People's Daily from Thursday. Below is a picture of the People's Daily for April 26, 2012: there are stories on all of the Standing Committee members save one. I have highlighted 9 names and there are 9 members of the Standing Committee (pictured at wikipedia), but Wen Jiabao's appears twice. The missing member is Zhou Yongkang.


State President and General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Military Commission: Hu Jintao
NPC Chairman: Wu Bangguo
Premier: Wen Jiabao
CPPCC Chairman: Jia Qinglin
Vice President, CMC Vice Chairman: Xi Jinping
First Deputy Prime Minister: Li Keqiang
Secretary of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: He Guoqiang
Secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission: Zhou Yongkang
Director of the Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee: Li Changchun

Here's an English article from The Australian: Bo Xilai's last backer loses influence
When Mr Zhou spoke up for Mr Bo, the son of one of the most senior leaders of China's communist revolution, he was confronted by the Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, who only that morning had used the final press conference of his ten-year term to hint at the anger he felt towards Mr Bo. One source said: "Wen Jiabao waved a sheaf of evidence at Zhou and told him that Bo was going to lose his position."

...Mr Zhou is extremely unlikely to lose his job until his scheduled retirement at a once-in-a-decade leadership transition in October because the unscheduled departure of a committee member would cause a political earthquake in China.

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