Socionomic look at France's election

How useful is socionomics? I posted this graph on March 26.

A Sarkozy loss seemed likely since the financial crisis and we've seen heavy turnover all across the globe. However, we can see the usefulness of socionomics based upon shifting headlines. Although Sarkozy's chances were always slim, his poll numbers were not terrible and he seemed to be making a comeback as the CAC 40 rose, exactly as socionomics predicts. I drew the lines on the chart based on a quick look at recent support and resistance: a retest of the lows and Sarkozy would be finished; a major rally to the recent highs would require a stunning rally and given that there are two rounds in the French election, would mean mood was tilting in Sarkozy's favor. What's interesting is that the 3200 line seems to be a relatively accurate prediction. The election has not yet happened, but the fall in the stock market to this level has ended Sarkozy comeback talk and the new story is that Sarkozy is finished.

The CAC 40 closed at 3240 on Wednesday and here is Thursday's headline: Hollande builds lead as Sarkozy allies admit writing is on the wall
Confronted with plunging polls and deserting allies, President Nicolas Sarkozy faces the prospect of a rout in the two-round French presidential election starting this weekend, with senior members of his government already said to be certain of defeat.

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