General Zhang Zhaozhong: 30% chance of war with Philippines

Don't place too much importance on his words though, he also said China will start World War III to protect Iran.

Link if video doesn't play: 视频:军事专家张召忠称中菲开战概率是30%

China hits Philippines for worsening standoff
"The Philippine side continued to send government vessels to the lagoon of the Huangyan (Panatag) Island, and repeatedly made erroneous remarks which mislead the public in the Philippines and the international community, played up the public feelings, thus severely damaging the atmosphere of the bilateral relations between China and the Philippines," Fu said.

...Both Manila and Beijing are claiming sovereignty over the shoal. Manila bases its claims under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, while Beijing says it owns the shoal on historical basis.

Xinhua: China fully prepared to respond to anything Philippines does
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