Anti-foreigner sentiment continues to grow

Many Hongkongers urge cut in number of mainland immigrants
In the poll results released yesterday, more than half - 53 per cent - said new immigrants enjoyed welfare benefits, but did not contribute to society, four out of 10 said migrants both enjoyed welfare benefits and contributed to society, while only 3 per cent thought they made contributions without enjoying welfare.

French woman sings, faces racist rant on Melbourne bus
Australian police were Thursday investigating after bus passengers were caught on camera hurling a torrent of threatening and racist abuse at a French woman in an incident that went viral on YouTube. The woman and a group of friends were returning from a day at the beach when one of them

began singing in her native tongue, prompting an angry reaction from some of the passengers on the packed bus.
One aggressively demanded she "speak English or die" and then threatened to cut her breasts off. Another man pushing a pram joined in, shouting: "I'll fucking boxcutter (knife) you right now, dog."

The woman was then told "everybody on the bus wants to kill you" before the incident ended with a bus window being smashed.
Funniest part of the story: Australian police consider the French to be a different race.

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