Social Mood Sinks, Stock Market To Follow; Loss of Filibuster Signals America's Decline

In May I wrote Will Obama Be Impeached? Watch The Stock Market. The stock market has climbed to new high after new high. Yet social mood is collapsing if we look at how the country feels about Washington, politics and Obamacare. I was mulling this over in my head, thinking about whether a drop in the market is coming, and today I came across this:

Elliott Wave Update ~ 20 November 2013
Social mood seems to be bursting lower in a some kind of wave three down if you look at the Presidential polling numbers. Yes Obamacare is quite the disaster, but social mood had already been in a downturn and thus the problems of Obamacare are quite amplified by the state of mood.

So there exists a major "disconnect" between current social mood and the stock market. In Elliott Wave theory social mood turns first then economic results follow (to include stock market declines). So I would not hold my breath on a new market high however the wave count allows for it.

Also, the Senate just killed a centuries long tradition in American politics.

Senate Dems Curb Filibuster, Risk Future Problems
"The silver lining is that there will come a day when the roles are reversed," said Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He warned that when his party wins a Senate majority they likely will apply the 51-vote filibuster threshold to a Republican president's Supreme Court nominees.

"The tyranny of the majority. That's what it's going to be" at some point in the future, predicted Steve Bell, a former top Senate Republican aide who is now a senior director at the Bipartisan Policy Center, which advocates partisan cooperation.

...But Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, one of three Democrats who voted against diluting the filibuster, noted that past Democratic minorities have used the procedure to block GOP moves to limit abortion rights and repeal the estate tax.

He said he feared that a future Senate majority would weaken filibusters against legislation and "down the road, the hard-won protections and benefits for our people's health and welfare will be lost."
This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue, but rather the slow motion collapse of the United States of America into tyranny. This is the slippery slope: once one side changes the rules, the other side doesn't respond by restoring them, they respond by changing them more in the future. The result could well be the continual breakdown of politics and an eventual descent into tyranny.

If you are imagining American tyranny in the future, you would have to imagine the end of the filibuster because it protects minority rights. The U.S. is headed in a dark direction politically, regardless of who wins. From a historical perspective, this is a huge shift towards unrestrained power.

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