Socionomics Test Case

Here's a clearand direct example of social mood in action.

How Manny Pacquiao Became The Philippino POMO
Many have wondered why one of the greatest boxers of our generation, Philippines' Manny Pacquiao, has not retired gracefully into hero-dom following his loss to Marquez late last year.

While in the US, investors have POMO to almost guarantee an up-day in stocks, in the Philippines, stocks rise 73% of the time after a Pacquiao win (compared to 52% average) and rise a stunning 0.5% (against a 0.04% average). Pacquiao is 6-1 on to win against Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios on Saturday (86% likely to win); is there a Philippines ETF?

“Pacquiao’s victory in the ring creates a nationwide euphoria that things will get better -- positive sentiment, positive investment,” said Jonathan Ravelas, chief market strategist at BDO Unibank. “A victory by Pacquiao will help lift the Philippine spirit at a time when it’s facing the impact of calamities. The nation definitely needs to hear something positive right now.”

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