Chinese Homebuyers Turn Chicken During Spring Festival

iFeng: 鸡年春节楼市扫描:怎一个“冷”字了得
Year of the chicken Chinese New Year, the national property market exceptionally deserted.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the turnover of new homes in Shanghai was only 949 square meters, shrinking 70% from last year. Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing and other cities rose last year, housing prices, home sales in the single, a sharp contrast to the surging market last year.

...Central Plains real estate the latest data show that January 27 to February 2 Shanghai new commercial housing turnover of 949 square meters, compared with the monkey to reduce the 71.1% during the Spring Festival, is the lowest volume since 2011.

...Over the past year, Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing and other property markets to more than 40% of the increase, ranking the nation's annual top three price increases. The chicken year in the Spring Festival is no longer strong, more than the property market only a few sets of transactions. According to Shanghai Securities News:

Official data show that this year's Spring Festival holiday, Nanjing, a total of 31 sets of residential subscription amount, volume of 1 set. Subscription volume last year, compared with 52 sets of the Spring Festival holiday, fell nearly four percent. Moreover, the 31 sets of residential are away from the main city, which Jiangning District Hengda Long Jun accounted for 13 sets of the city's subscription amount of four into more.

According to incomplete statistics, the chicken during the Spring Festival, Hefei urban residential filing volume of less than 10 sets, and the Spring Festival holiday last year, compared with 35 sets of Qi Cheng more.

Xiamen Spring Festival holiday data can not be found at present, but some feedback from housing prices situation, the probability of large single digits.

Some other hot city of the property market is also a bleak. Suzhou, although housing prices to carry out the Spring Festival promotional activities, but still can not pull sales. Among them, January 27 to January 30 to zero; January 31 to February 2 a slight improvement in turnover of residential units were 7 sets, 3 sets and 2 sets. Compared with last year's Spring Festival holiday, subscription volume fell nearly Qi Cheng. Wuxi property market Spring Festival for 6 days without a deal, the whole holiday did not sell a set of commercial housing, only on New Year's Eve the day of the transaction 2 sets of office space. Hangzhou new home sales is also one of a handful of a total of only 6 sets of transactions, far behind the Year of the Monkey in the 32 sets.

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