Pan Gongsheng: FX Window Once Open, Will Not Close

A description of this 3-hour interview should show up in English soon enough. Pan Gongsheng, head of SAFE, says once opened the forex window will not close.

Update: Caixin has English coverage: Head of Foreign Exchange Watchdog Vows to Strengthen Fight Against Capital Flight.

The interview is much longer for those who want to brave Google translate or can read Chinese. iFeng has the full text. Relevant portion and subject of article headline:
At the policy level, China's current account has been convertible since 1996. In recent years, the capital investment has also been gradually convertible, and the degree of capital convertibility under the securities has also been gradually increased. China's economy is deeply integrated into the global economic and financial integration. Trends can not be changed. Therefore, we adhere to the principle that open windows will not close. Foreign exchange control policy will not be back, no return to the old capital controls.
iFeng: 外管局局长接受媒体专访:打开的窗户 不会再关上

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