Good Political News Peaks In Europe

Germany's high water mark in social mood sees the two major parties losing support and the populists rising. Since CDU refuses to partner with AfD and SPD refuses to partner with CDU, the only possible coalition is between CDU, FDP and Green, the "Jamaica" coalition (named for the three party's colors matching the flag of Jamaica).

This also marks the peak of a string of positive election results since Brexit. The road ahead is much less favorable with Italy on tap and Spain heading towards major internal conflict. The Catalonian indepedence vote is in October. The next big national election is in Italy, where right-wing and populist parties dominate the polling.

Reuters: Italy's 5-Star names youthful new leader as election nears

Guardian: The view from Madrid: anger and sadness as Catalans prepare for vote

Germany held Europe together, but if Merkel is as weakened as she appears, she will have a difficult time forcing austerity on Europe because she will need to keep the Greens happy to stay in power.

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