China Adjusts Margin Rules for Some Traders

Reuters: China adjusts margin rules on stock index futures to reduce trading costs
The China Financial Futures Exchange said that starting June 3, investors holding both long and short positions across the three types of index futures instruments on the exchange are subject to margin requirements targeting the bigger positions.

...The new rules can “help reduce operating costs” for investors in a range of instruments, the exchange said.
21st Century: 引入单向大边保证金 期指持仓成本下降近五成
Sogou: The introduction of one-way large margin futures has reduced the holding cost by nearly 50%
In response, Fang Chen, a researcher at Citic Futures Financial Futures, pointed out that the adjustment could significantly reduce the occupation cost of cross-breed arbitrage investors. "It is expected to release nearly 50% of the deposit. In theory, the margin released can be used for another arbitrage, but it also depends on the space and capacity of arbitrage. "
The article gives some examples of how this will work in practice, but the translation is not clear. If you're interested and can read Chinese, read the original.

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