Take Heed: Farage's New Warning for America

Back in 2014, I predicted a rise in political volatility and an opening for ambitious outsider politicians such as Donald Trump: Immigration Issue Set to Explode in America; Prepare for Political Volatility. The broader trend prediction was based on social mood. Political parties and mainstream media were becoming increasingly (and still are) out of step with the general public. The topic of immigration was a perfect example, as was foreign interventionism. The establishment pushe odpen borders policies that would have been extreme for the year 2000, when social mood peaked. Meanwhile, the public was already favoring immigration restrictions back then and they've only grown more restrictionist since then. Both major parties favored foreign intervention in countries such as Syria and Libya, while the public wanted out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Going back to 2014, many people missed what happened in the UK because the media intentionally distorted reality in favor of their narrative, as they always do. UKIP was painted as an anti-immigration party built on racism and xenophobia, but the truth was:
UKIP's reason for existence was to get the United Kingdom out of the EU. There are many issues that fall under the control of Brussels, such as economic regulations, but the big issue that voters wanted to hear about was immigration. UKIP realized immigration was the big issue and it focused on that issue, turning it into a shock electoral victory.
Farage's party was engaged in political entrepreneurism. They were naive rookies who thought like a business, that politicians should deliver what voters are asking for. The political and media establishment are old hats at suppressing the will of the people and substituting established (corporate if that floats your boat) policies in their place.

I concluded the piece:
UKIP was a distant warning shot. The defeat of Eric Cantor was a much closer shot. Few if any politicians have stepped up to advocate an immigration restriction policy. They have nearly all taken the easy road of bashing President Obama for inaction. This leaves an opening for an ambitious politician.
That link takes you to a video of Trump criticizing Obama's immigration policy.

By now everyone knows the Brexit mess made by, again, establishment politicians who refuse to follow the will of the people. And as before, the result is a political revolution, the possible extinction of the Tory party.

MishTalk: Tory Choice: Political Extinction or Halloween Brexit
“Peterborough has shown clear support for Labour’s programme to end austerity and invest in services and communities, rejecting a decade of Tory cuts and their disastrous handling of Brexit. In this key seat, the Conservatives have been pushed to the margins."

What a hoot.

Labour's percentage fell 16 percentage points from the last election.

Brexit has split both Labour and the Tories.

The Brexit Party

A remarkable result for our 8 week old party. If we can come so close in our 201st target seat, no seat is safe. We're very proud of @MikeGreeneTBP & our supporters who worked so hard. Thanks to the people of Peterborough who voted for us - we promise you that we're here to stay!

9:51 PM - Jun 6, 2019

"A remarkable result for our 8 week old party. If we can come so close in our 201st target seat, no seat is safe."

That's the correct message.
What is the message for the United States? Brexit is to the UK as President Trump's platform is to the United States. If President Trump and the GOP cannot deliver on ending illegal immigration, reducing legal immigration, rebalancing trade and abandoning interventionist foreign policy, the voters will find someone who can. Meanwhile, the Democrats and media who think they are achieving some great victory by thwarting Trump for going on three years now with nonsense such as Russiagate, will find they have opened the door to a heretofore unimagined nationalist populism led by a right-wing party that doesn't even exist. Tucker Carlson (the most prominent advocate for these policies at the moment) as President, leading a brand new party that wins control of the House in its first major election. That of the Democrats somehow get shocked in their primary by a nationalist socialist and follow the lead of Denmark's center-left. Either way, huge changes are coming. Maybe not in 2020, but very likely in 2022 or 2024.

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