Chinese Cities Try to Find Right Housing Policy Balance

This quote from Zhang Dawei of Centaline, the go-to analyst in any real estate article, sums up the current housing market situation.

iFeng: 多地楼市政策调整,放松与谨慎仍在平衡之中
"The entire property market regulation is in an embarrassing stage, and the market cannot show any fluctuations. Now most cities have not accurately judged and grasped the trend of the policies of" housing, housing, no speculation "and" one city, one policy ". Explore. But as long as the economy is not good, the loosening of real estate policies is inevitable, and this is everyone's consensus. "Zhang Dawei said.
The government increased credit growth by 25 percent (from ~8 percent to ~10 percent) in March. Prior increases have always led to higher home prices, regardless of government policy. Conditions seem more dire at the moment, but excessive credit growth will eventually find an outlet and housing remains as popular an investment as ever.

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