The promotion that will not die: Buy a house, get a free car!

February 14, 2008. USA. Buy this House, Get this Car Free April 4, 2008. Ireland. Developer offers 'free' car with new home July 11, 2008. England. Estate agent gives away car with new homes in desperate attempt to shift seaside flats July 19, 2008. USA. Buy a house, get a car November 5, 2008. Canada. Realtor offers free car with home purchase May 6, 2009. France. Get A Free Car In France (With Purchase Of House) April 26, 2011. USA. Desperate sprawl developer gives away cars with houses December 1, 2011. China. Developers in China get creative as home prices dip
The downturn has forced developers to get creative. Buyers are flocking to one real estate company in Wenzhou that's giving away free BMWs with every purchase to its first 150 buyers. The promotion has already attracted 130 buyers in the past two weeks , the company said.

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