Chinese elite want out of China

The Titanic Strategy
The sixth and latest stage began in 2010. With the changing domestic political landscape, the middle class and intellectuals have also accelerated the pace of emigration. A "countdown mentality" even emerged among intellectual groups. This mentality spread like the flu, adding to the wave of panic of seeking emigration.
The article discusses the Titanic metaphor for Chinese emigration:
This symbolism can only be used to describe the end-of-the-world attitude of some official-businessmen and is not a prediction of China's future. Outward migration is a laudable policy of openness, and it is necessary to protect its continuity in the long-term to provide diverse choices in life. But the "Titanic strategy" of Chinese officials and businessmen -- on the one hand running the political economy from a forward position and continuing to seek power and profit for themselves, and on the other hand prearranging an evacuation route -- will profoundly change the direction of the operation of Chinese history

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