Sarkozy finished?

Taiwan stayed with current leadership in their election, but it appears France may go with new leadership as Nikolas Sarkozy only has a 2% lead on the anti-euro Marine Le Pen.
He currently has a 2% lead on Le Pen, but is behind the Socialist Party candidate. France has two rounds of elections: a first and then a second run-off if no candidate has more than 50%. In 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen led the National Front to a first round victory over the the left-wing candidate, but in the run-off French voters came out overwhelmingly in support of Jacques Chirac. This time around, things are going to be more interesting. If Marine Le Pen knocks out Sarkozy, she will likely pull some right-wing support her way. However, since the socialists are also against the current euro bailout deals, she may not be able to turn her anti-euro stance into the presidency.

The CAC 40 is trading above 2009 lows, but not much. It is only higher than about 1 month of trading, when the indexes plunged to panic lows.
H/T to Mish. "Let the Euro Die" Candidate Trails Sarkozy by Slight 2 Percentage Points; Will Sarkozy Survive the First Round Vote? Eurozone About to Become Unglued

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