Fashion and social mood

Austerity shows its stylish side
"Things like that come together and signal to us that people are looking for a more austere approach to life - we help our clients deliver that." This is where the theme of radical neutrality has its roots, Teo says. It is characterised by bold, exaggerated shapes in neutral colours.
Teo explains that eco-hedonism, on the other hand, is paganistic, shamanistic, dark and mystical, and characterised by raw natural textures such as heavier linens and feathers. Hyperculture, Teo says, is about the quirks in local culture and the "ability to laugh at oneself".
But WGSN's predictions failed to move Ychay Simkhai, a buyer with Ravel, a US-based women's apparel company. "We set our own trends."

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