McDonald's raises prices for 2nd time in 6 months; Pizza Hut enacts stealth hike

麦当劳必胜客龙年首提价 天津没hold住也跟涨. The breakfast, lunch special and "dollar menu" are not seeing increases, but the Big Mac and chicken McNuggets are going up in price. A Big Mac meal is up from 17.5 yuan to 18.5 yuan (I believe that is a cheaper option), an increase of almost 6%. Chicken McNuggets are also up 1 yuan, from 7 to 8 yuan, an increase of 14%. The price hikes across the menu are between 0.5 and 2 yuan. This is the fifth time McDonald's has raised prices since 2010 (QE2 was announced in August 2010 and formally launched in November 2010). This article goes on to claim that Pizza Hut has raised prices by cutting portions.

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