China's Foreign Concession?

Mysterious China-themed 'city' proposed in New York’s Catskills
The mysterious proposed development appears to be a step beyond the types of ethnic enclaves scattered throughout U.S. cities, like the Chinatown sections of New York City or San Francisco. The 600-acre "China City of America" is located far outside New York City in upstate New York's wetlands and is a meticulously planned project, calling for family housing, a college and student residences, among other structures. In addition to needing federal approval, it would likely need a host of state and local permits before ground could be broken.

If approved, every province in China would have an office there and foreign investors funding the development would receive green cards for their $500,000 checks under the EB-5 program designed to lure foreign investment, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative organization staunchly opposed to the project.
Maybe the Chinese will show Americans how secession is done. Not that this city would actually try to secede, but it sounds like it would be a fully self-contained place for Chinese, much like the foreign concessions in China were the property of foreign governments. In this case, China wouldn't outright own the land, but given federalism and some degree of local control, they could operate as a separate entity at the local level.

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