Chinese Banks Sign Living Wills

The first snip says it all. 银行业陆续签署“生前遗嘱”中行招行先行
In order to collapse in the face of the crisis without sacrificing savers and taxpayers' money, China's banking industry is gradually to sign a "living wills" for this proposition.

Here's English coverage of this news in China.
Bank adopts 'living will' to fend off crisis
It is the first time that a Chinese domestic public bank has announced a "living will" and it comes just one month after the Chinese bank regulator required privately-owned banks to make such "wills" before these banks are officially established.

In July 2012, the US regulators required 124 financial institutions to prepare "living wills" to ensure a more orderly wind-down in case of a future Lehman Brothers situation.

Here's recent coverage of the U.S. living will policy:
Biggest Banks Face Higher Bar in Rewritten Living Wills

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