Earn 60K on a 10 million yuan Deposit

A 0.6% yield isn't much.......unless you earn it over 3 days. Yes, the cash crunch in China is over, except for the fact that it isn't. Get ready for it to show up again soon, possibly as early as the end of January when New Year hits, or at the end of Q1 in March.

Google Translated link: Pull the end of the discount bank deposit war: propaganda, said three days to earn 60,000
Can benefit all parties involved, so supervision is difficult to grasp the core evidence

Just three days earn 60,000? It can achieve, provided that you have 10 million in cash.

A few days ago, a friend told reporters the industry, year-end "impulse discount" is the hottest platform QQ group.

Reporter conduct itself in the QQ search labeled "Ningbo discount" on the group, all of a sudden showing Ningbo discount impulse financial exchanges, Ningbo discount capital pools, Ningbo discount exchange, Ningbo discount deposits, Ningbo deposits and other groups 17 group discount information , of which seven belong to the active group.

The largest and most active group was undoubtedly "Ningbo fiscal impulse discount exchange" group, to 25 members of its group of 998 people, nearly 400 the number of people online. Reporters since a few days ago to join the group, has received thousands of pieces of information, fully aware of the bank had kept simmering Running pull more intense.

Meanwhile, the reporter also displayed on the phone messages and leaflets received through various channels and done a few years discount business intermediary or savers to exchange, learn some insider discount Lanchu end of the year.

Of course, the reporters know, we've learned, is just the "impulse discount" tip of the iceberg.

[Means Secret]

Impulse discount

Guangxi, Yunnan and Jiangxi deposit large sums of money quotes soared to 6 ‰ -7 ‰

"Guangxi Liuzhou RCCs last 10 million facility, funds speed links, point high", "Jiangxi four lines impulse mouth, then the individual models, 31 into three, one thousand six pack, no margin, you can check for insurance. Please contact handedly funds "," Nanning rural credit cooperatives 4 billion and 27 into two 5.5 "......" fiscal impulse discount Ningbo exchange "QQ group, which is looking for financial brokers for institutional impulse funding.

Impulse discount, discount refers to the red end of the year or years when the number. Impulse discount is characterized by short, popular to say, is "earned a ticket to leave."

"There 345W personal money, want to participate in the end of the urban impulse welcome to make an appointment contact, communication." "Existing 320 million personal funds, 200 million business models: do by the end of the impulse National Bank at the end of the impulse hole, started booking with a deposit of priority" , "a lot of money in one hand seeking impulse hole!!" ...... This is a personal or financial intermediary platforms inquiry through the QQ group, trying to find a suitable place for their money.

By a few days removed from the QQ group, known as the funds on hand hundreds of thousands reporters after opening a small window from time to time with the group Friends of the dialogue, get to know their jargon.

For example, there are capital requirements, known as hole, there is money to be saved is called "find the hole." "Seconds knot" refers to discount cashed immediately after the deposit is completed.

"31 into 3" "27 into two" difficult to understand, means that money out of the banking institutions account time. The "package $ 66", "5.5" belongs jargon, the most important discount price tag.

For example, the "big four packaged Jiangxi $ 66" for example, if you have 10 million of the funds, you can press the agreed "31 into three," you can get benefits in addition to your current bank interest outside , as well as a one-time discount of the total price of 6 ‰, is 60,000. It seems that some banking institutions would have spent a lot of blood to buy deposits, interest subsidy is far higher than its original interest.

Local banks kept relatively low number of discount

6 ‰, 5.5 ‰ belong to such a high price tag, and the group was said to be "special belonging to a place like Guangxi, Yunnan and Jiangxi opening price, the local is impossible so high."

Reporters in the group issued a "30 million in funding to keep Ningbo local inquiry", there are several brokers immediately opened a small window dialogue with himself.

Asking for a long time, the reporter learned that funds 300,000 less for impulse, on the 23rd, the 24th highest out of Ningbo local discount price tag is 2.8 ‰, to the 25th with the decline in interbank interest rates, basically at 2.5 ‰ look. Of course, if you have a huge amount of money, then the discount price tag on high.

Of course, the high starting point code corresponding funds are large, five million or even tens of millions started. To 26 am, is the last moment of impact, there is such a news release, "into account as early as the 27th paragraph, there are 300 million pairs private Nanning, the price to go to $ 17, with cuts through notification to."

QQ group large-scale intermediary organizations hundreds of millions or even more than a billion one-time funds are also possible. Small window open dialogue, there is an intermediary encouraged reporters to go put money in other provinces, "provincial high interest ah, kept a lot of people and if you enough money, then we go to the provinces kept the organization together." The question is how in the past it? "We give you book a ticket in the past." The caller said.

Deposit discount

After the deposit interest rate of 6% real discount

Deposit discount refers deposit in the bank deposits of discount. It is characterized by a long time, not a "one shot deal", the time span of more than six months in general.

Near the end, deposit discount groups have become active, newspaper boxes in the leaflets, SMS, online forums so you can find them on the scene.

"This deposit risk?" The reporter contacted a financial intermediary engaged in deposit discount Ms. Zhang.

Ms. Zhang said, customers can take the money to a designated bank counters, as regularly as usual deposit on the trip, kept her honor after a good discount. Currently 1,000,000 of funds, you can get a discount of 2.7%, plus 3.3% of the one-year deposit interest rate, one-year deposit interest can actually reach about 6%.

The very fact that, although the discount part of her hand after payment, but the money still comes from the bank. She also revealed that her husband, a former bank employee, so there are some resources in this regard.

Reporters later learned that in Yongcheng, currently one million yuan deposit a year, some of the highest discount of about 2.8%, according to reports, the discount section of about 2.4% in normal times.

Most of the money from the loans subsidized enterprises out

In talking about deposit discount price tag, there is quite a few intermediary with reporters stressed that depositors deposit to get the discount, you must promise not to withdraw their mortgage does not report the loss, if the early withdrawal, or there is loss, mortgages and other acts, this discount will be recovered.

So discount party who in the end is? "Discount party who is cooperative bank is the bank to attract deposits, and then lend him" one intermediary Q called "studio", said. Another agency said more bluntly, "Some banks are also in the middle square, he pulled together into corporate deposits, loans given recapture discount business."

Reporters also confirmed practitioners from a bank office, in fact, most of the interest subsidy money, and ultimately corporate pay. For example, a company wants to borrow, but banks do not limit, you can pay the discount fee equal to pull into the bank deposits, so he wants to get the loan. "In this way, businesses get loans, the amount the bank will not be affected."

Non-yang discount

Ranging from hundreds of millions to more than ten million jointly made by several intermediaries

Non-yang discount, this concept is relative to the sun is the discount. Non-operating characteristics of the sun is the big risk, of course, is accompanied by a high income. You can get the discount after the so-called sunshine discount is handled properly savers deposits.

It is understood that the amount of non-subsidized sun generally larger, ranging from several hundred million dollars to more than billions. No single person or company so much money, so a non-subsidized large single sun by a number of multi-agency joint made of each intermediary may link several households investors, and in order to gain the trust of investors, discount party will give the deposit, so that intermediaries have to mobilize funds.

It is worth mentioning that the discount on non-sun of certificates of deposit, the bank issued large deposits to depositors confirmed books, accounts only show the names of a few companies or depositors, many small farmers contributor's name does not appear.

Non-interest subsidy sun produce their specific needs, such as a business (project) need large sums of money, and this demand is unlikely or impossible to achieve in the normal bank loans approved line of credit, for banks and businesses together with the money, Looking for other funds in the name of all funds in a bank account and funds deposited in the account, the bank for deposit procedures. Which costs incurred by the borrower generally assumed, such as interest on bank deposits to normal, one-time discount depositors get additional revenue bank loan interest, operating costs, intermediary costs.

Return very impressive but the risk is known as a large deposit can not be checked

QQ group followed the release of information, the reporter contacted a broker in Shandong's capital. In his message published in non-sun discount, ranging from 500 million to more than tens of billions, geographic involve Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places.

"Non-subsidized high sun deposit, money is the existence of their own account, but the money can not be queried." This name broker said, compared to the sun deposit, the main characteristics of the non-sun deposit after deposit, the money can not be query, we can not open online banking and so on. Use of the funds, mainly used in the enterprise.

"Such deposits can secure?" The reporter asked.

"This you can be assured that we are all large state-owned banks and cooperative throughout, and if funding problems, the bank's first president himself unlucky." He said, in a non-sun deposit business, the bank is also intermediary role, because the money through the bank and then to business, business to lend money directly than reassuring than that. "Banks actually do with the credibility of a guarantee."

Because the non-sun deposits generally do not enter the bank account of normal, uncontrolled credit ratio, so the risk is much greater funding, which also makes the sun to considerable non-deposit returns than the sun deposit.

"Now the country's highest Shaanxi, Shandong and other regions, capital gains discount just saved a year can reach 15% -16% annualized, Jiangsu, Zhejiang region slightly lower, about 14% -15%." The reporter claimed, There are twelve hands of millions of dollars, he was not interested. "We generally do have at least 50 million or more, a small number of us earn some money."

Background Checks

Discount deposits so popular sorts?

Although these financial discount brokers will form a "sunshine" and "non-sunshine" distinction, in fact, are disguised to raise deposit interest rates, are violations.

Some of the banking financial institutions, high interest Lanchu is very clear violation, why participate? This is mainly due to funding constraints, pressure loan ratio assessment, many banks will deposit with the completion of the task and job promotion linked bonus, plus the legal concept of the internal mechanism of the weak, some of the staff in the banking industry to embrace high interest discount deposit.

"It is simply a high income, interest to the more." QQ group in a "40 million in funding to find discount" depositors that is directed at the end of the year to absorb a lot of money banks need to do when eloquence, 400,000 Yuan deposit for a few days, once the performance was a thousand dollars, so the income is quite substantial.

The broker who is keen to this, it is entirely interest dictates, reportedly pumped into them to 0.1 ‰ majority.

We come to an account balance. The above mentioned one-time discount of 6 ‰ for example, with 10 million yuan of funds to calculate, depositors deposit banks three days (31 into 3) the interest portion of the normal 0.35% / 360 × 3 × 1000 million = 291.67 yuan ; The demand side out of the funds for the 10 million discount × 6 ‰ = 6 million is not a small attractive for savers. As intermediaries, contributed butt 10 million of funds, can get $ 1000 commission.

Financial brokers who in the end who is?

Intermediary business scope is very broad, and when there is a risk of Ningbo savers too reluctant to put money to go so far away, they will recommend the impulse of local banking institutions discount.

24 pm, a done for several years with the reporter quotes a financial broker, "If you have 10 million of funding to the impulse, the price I can give to you 5.8 ‰".

"My money in the end which is saved to a local bank to go?" For such a problem, the answer is always the intermediary did not elaborate, it said, "I do have nine banks", or simply cite a City firm or the name of the joint-stock banks said, "Anyway, it is the largest bank in the money into them reliable. you money ready, sure to keep up, call me with your past memory."

"You are the employees of the bank do?" When a reporter asked the identity and financial brokers, and their answer is "mysterious", has said, "there is someone in the bank," there are vague to say "working for the bank," others say "We are professional deal with employers, banks, brokerage, discount party relationship, intermediary lubrication."

Regulatory challenges

December 24 to 26 is the peak trading

Busy no less than eleven dual power business

During the interview, QQ group, the Forum's fund-raising information display, in order to complete the assessment tasks at the end of the deposit, some banking financial institutions through various channels, "discount buy deposits," mad impulse can be described as an unprecedented degree.

Just three days to earn the condition as long as you have 10 million in cash. This is three days of non-ordinary course, is the "impulse discount" jargon unspecified "31 into three." December 31, 2013 into 2014, January 3 Sunrise, obviously, this is money impulse across years ago.

In addition, there are a few banking institutions to assume the role of intermediary funds from corporate discount to attract depositors to the bank to deposit the money and then lending to businesses.

"Discount", as the name suggests, refers to the additional interest subsidy beyond the statutory income. After the funds entrusted to the demand side, financial brokers who aggregate information through various channels funds parties and promote the supply and demand side docking, while they receive from rake. Because a lot of money designated "27 into two", so December 24 -26 is prime time of their work, no less than the electricity business busy dual XI.

Of course, the reporters know, we've learned, is just the "impulse discount" tip of the iceberg.

National injunctions prohibiting mention disguised interest

Regulators said discovered handled

"Discount banking deposits Secret." Interview, the reporter who referred to a number of bank deposit interest subsidies, most people are a closely guarded secret.

Part of the banking financial institutions to attract more deposits than previously presented to the statutory interest of depositors bullion, oil cards, supermarket cards, in-kind or reimbursement of expenses, which has touched supervision "red line", while the discount is high interest directly Lanchu irregularities.

China's current system is the central bank's interest rate benchmark deposit rate of commercial banks in accordance with the provisions of the lower limit of the central bank deposit rate to determine the interest rate, as they are allowed to take deposits or disguised raise deposit rates to raise deposit interest rates, unfair competition, severely damaged the financial order is subject to regulatory attack.

In February last year, the CBRC issued "on the regulation of banking institutions operating in the non-standard notice", the proposed "Seven allowed four open" requirement.

Seven are not allowed in the "no deposit linked to" a request loans and deposits should be strictly separated, are not allowed to deposit and lending approval as a prerequisite.

In addition, the central bank has also been issued "strictly forbidden to solicit depositors high interest rates, the use of improper means to absorb the deposit notice", requiring financial institutions must strictly enforce the deposit rate Chinese People's Bank, is prohibited fees, agency fees Reserve Association, Absorbing Award , premium savings, referral fees, gifts in kind, such as names disguised to increase deposit rates.

Ningbo banking supervision department, told reporters that the discount solicit depositors and other acts, regulatory authorities have taken discovered handled in strict control attitude, people found banking financial institution or bank employees for such services can be made to the bank supervision department complaints .

Equal opportunity for all parties involved

Evidence is not easy to grasp the core

Reporters found that, as part of the deposit interest subsidy payments are often carried out by a third party intermediary, and bank deposits intermediaries, depositors, SMEs Quartet games fall into this fund beneficiaries, regulators want to master the core evidence is not easy.

"If companies do not absorb funds to specific populations, may be defined as the illegal fund-raising, but subsidized by the bank deposits, to avoid suspicion of illegal fund-raising." Beijing Wei Heng (Ningbo) Fu Libin law firm lawyers believe that subsidized deposit model can be used to describe the secretive as to grasp the core evidence of foreign deposits and intermediaries generally not quiet. And in the law, because of the lack applicable law, the discount is defined as the illegal deposits is difficult, but he believes that is certainly a breach of regulatory violations, bank regulators can be regulated.

He believes that the general public will deposit funds for interest subsidies, there are certain risks. "Most of the discount deposits, although the principal in the bank is safe, but the discount section in case of disputes, it is difficult to obtain legal protection." And if the sun deposit such similar non-high-risk deposits, once the funds are not withdrawn from circulation, break the chain of interest because the normal bank deposit accounts do not enter.

In reality, examples of high interest returns because of greed and the drain is not without cause. 2011, Hangzhou had three people because of the high discount credulity, cheated of 40.5 million yuan of principal. These criminals often through genuine certificates of deposit substitution, secretly opened the way online banking, mysteriously swept away depositors principal.

Comparison of three methods Lanchu

Impulse discount short time, the general is a few days, you can get discounted after the deposit belongs to "earn a ticket to leave." The purpose of mostly mid-year or end of the impulse.

Deposit discount characterized by long time span is generally more than six months. After the deposit can also get discounted immediately, but can not report the loss of deposits and withdrawals of deposits during the period. Deposits are generally lend the ultimate business.

Yang discount capital needs of non-pre-pay part of the deposit direction intermediary to facilitate the attraction he go home. In this way the general funds, high return, but generally do not enter the normal bank deposit accounts, uncontrolled credit ratio, and therefore liquidity risk is much greater.

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