Sky City Thwarted By Wetlands, But Tallest Building in China's Midwest Under Construction

China's leaders have figured out how to use environmentalists to advance their personal agendas.

This article gives a good summary of the news.
Breaking Down the Hiccups and Screeching Halts of the Construction Saga of the World's Next Tallest Structure

The latest I could find in Chinese is still this: 当“天空城市”遭遇大泽湖湿地 (When SkyCity Ran Into the Da Ze Wetland), which talks about the environmental problems facing the construction. This "temporary" halt continues to plague Sky City. I put temporary in quotes because its still unclear if this halt is really about clearing a regulatory hurdle or if this is the government slowly killing the project.

Back to the original Sky City: 天空城市暂未开工 远大试搭建J97超高层建筑

In searching for news about the planned 838 meter tall Sky City, I ran across something called J97. (As in the headline above) Turns out a 349 meter skyscraper (Mini Sky City) in under construction: CHANGSHA | J97 Tower | 349m | 1145ft | 97 fl | U/C. This building will be the tallest building in China's midwest, at least until the Sky City gets built—if it ever does. The developers are throwing up J97 to prove the strength of their designs for Sky City.

A Google Translated bit from this article: 远大试搭建J97超高层建筑
Insiders said the building could be completed as soon as possible in order to highlight the lofty building 838 meters tall strength.

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