China Bulldozes Political Projects

The headline says 'buildings designed to last 50 years are bulldozed in 15' and the article lists several political prestige projects that were bulldozed shortly after completion, sometimes before completion, and years ahead of their scheduled lifespan.

From iFeng: 设计寿命50年大楼用15年被拆 政绩工程成灾

During the Party's mass line educational practice, the National halt 663 "achievement projects", "image projects", 436 fraud problem exists, a total of 418 individuals were investigated.

Problems to Be Solved from Shanxi to Guangdong Wanqingliang, many sacked officials and "achievement projects" are inseparable. This reporter recently visited many famous "achievement projects" found that the disposal of these "achievement projects" continue to consume a lot of public finances, while the local government is also paying for its negative social impact subsequent price.

Short-lived type Guangzhou 800 million in just four years to build Square

● Recently, a cost of 800 million yuan, Guangzhou, Chen Clan Temple Square built using only four years, that is since the subway construction needs "reinvent the wheel." Currently being bulldozed land, landfill underground parking, then plan to dig 30 meters deep pit, project duration is likely to exceed three years.

● In Yunnan, in June this year, the estuary to spend 270 million yuan construction of the "Cultural Corridor" in the completion of three years, and spent 300 million yuan removed.

● In Guangxi, according to the plan, Liuzhou Liu statue to spend 70 million yuan building will be built up to 68 meters, can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This project is called "the highest figure in the statue of the country" has not yet been completed, starting in September had been demolished.

● has witnessed the Chinese soccer team advance to the World Cup finals historic moment Wuli Shenyang stadium, built in 1988 to invest 250 million yuan, in 2007 was blasting, the use of less than 20 years.

● Zhejiang University Lakeside Campus, Building 3, are considered "design life of 50 years, 100 years no problem building", it only took 15 years to become a construction waste. After blasting, instead it is only 13 meters high than its architecture.

● former secretary of Anhui Huainan Municipal west side of the screen, suspected in the construction of "Lake International" hotel block feng shui, so make it forcibly removed. July 2012 was to start construction of the "Lake International", to March 2014, the building was just completed two Blasting.

● In Nanjing, in 1996 the construction of the west line of the elevated roads, using only 13 years incurs removed through the crossroads of the way to use the tunnel to change.

Luxury government debt owed a debt ass

Long-term debt issues of local concern Peking University Guanghua School of Management Professor Liu Qiao said that some "achievement projects" in the building construction funds from government borrowing, the need to constantly pay with financial decision-making errors.

In Hubei, located in the mountains of western Hubei Fangxian cost 80 million yuan to build a new administrative center buildings, "the shape of the World Expo China Pavilion," the group of ultra-luxury office approved investment of 30 million yuan, over an area of ​​nearly 1800 square meters. Since the project funding from government borrowing, developers Loaning construction, therefore, the current and the future for a long time, the government needs to continue to repay the huge debt.

Rectification type streetlights too poor counties luxury consumption

In Anhui, the national poverty counties Lingbi, both sides of the road up to eight kilometers of the landscape there are three rows of lights, lanterns using the Tang Dynasty style street lights a lamp every 30 meters, for a total of nearly a thousand lights, a year would "bright" out of about 3 million yuan electricity.

Reporters learned from relevant departments, rectification "luxury street light" requires great pains: First pitch to expand street lights, street lamps eleven excess or removed; for further energy saving, the new sections to be used in all wind power, solar photovoltaic and new energy-saving LED light source combines style street lamps; Also, take control and other technical means to reduce power sharing, electricity, spend the same money.

Problems to Be Solved works cited stop demolitions type petition

During Shanxi, former Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Taiyuan Problems to Be Solved in power, had to change the design of the mind, insisted originally planned as green space, Longtan Park Area was built as "landmark", urban complexes, and even to create the 21st century The large house "reinvent the wheel."

It is understood that due to the occupation of the public parkland for the public building mansions, plus demolitions, compensation is not in place a series of problems, Problems to Be Solved chaired the project triggered strong dissatisfaction of the masses. Currently, Longtan District Reform project is still uncompleted "unfinished", the local people so far have kept the complaint petition.

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