Wuhan Residents Camp Out to Protest Construction Delay

From iFeng: 武汉一楼盘延迟10月未交房 数百业主搭帐篷抗议维权

The homes were supposed to be finished in December 2013.

Recently, Miss Zhao people on the microblogging rebellion, saying the purchase of your home Wuhan East Lake Shinsaibashi property has been extended for several months so far failed to deliver hundreds of property owners in real estate the tent protest rights. According to the reporter, the real estate developer is someone's Hubei Zhiyuan Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as Zhiyuan Technology), informed sources, the incident because the company since a shortage of funds.

October 11, the reporter contacted Ms. Zhao private letter. Ms. Zhao said, need to buy this suite every month nearly 4000 yuan loan burden, the original should be submitted by the end of December last year, the developer has been until now has not submitted, resulting in delays in her stay, only renters outside. Loan plus the monthly rental costs almost need about 6000 yuan.

. "We wage earners afford such expenses where it" Miss Zhao also said that some owners is to buy a house to get married, marriage is delayed submitted delayed; Some owners buy the house after the demolition, submitted much later day the burden of the day rental costs; owners there is more pathetic, they originally intended to last December after Shou Fang, children can go to school in the area near the school, but now they have to worry about a child's schooling.

According to statistics, your family Shinsaibashi Lake project is located in East Lake Jinyinhu three-way, the project covers an area of ​​66,666 square meters, near the project Jinyinhu. The project is divided into G1, G2, and two high-rise villas, total units 1004 units, planned G1 Dong submitted in December 2013 to use, G2 Dong submitted in June 2014 to use. The real estate is fine decoration units, the average price in 6000-7000 yuan.

October 11, Sports Network reporter came to the estate to see that the rights of owners of residential tent has been dispersed. Meanwhile, two senior very quiet, in appearance and there is no housing renovation and construction scene.

According to informed sources, Zhi Yuan Science and Technology met before the situation of shortage of funds, has been fighting for financing. In desperation, real estate construction and renovation suspended 23 months. October 10, hundreds of activists alarmed owners tent stuff Lakes government, district government staff came to the real estate project department, with project leaders and owners on behalf of discussion, the basic consensus.

The insider, Zhiyuan technology and a finance company reached an initial agreement, financing companies in the near future to the real estate inspection, no accident, then, there will be funds accounted for by the end of October, developers can continue construction decoration. The insider also said that on October 11, Zhiyuan technology also good communication with the owners, to raise funds to restart the renovation work, for January 2015, and March, respectively, to G1 and G2, Building, Building owners submitted.

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