Spike in Sales and Activity Following Mortgage Changes

More news rolling in on the mortgage changes. One real estate agency in Beijing has seen a more than doubling of existing home sales over the same period in September, and a better than 60% increase over 2013. Another is seeing a 60% increase in customer traffic. Optimism is rising, but will prices follow?

认房不认贷新政刺激需求 北京楼市成交量大增

The central bank released the next day the New Deal mortgage intermediary told Jia Li (pseudonym), she hung up half nobody cares about someone is willing to buy a house. 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned from a number of real estate agencies, since "the central four" introduced, either critically or volume turnover rose sharply. Credit easing has played a tonic effect on the property market.

In the real estate analyst Tommy believes that home buyers need to upgrade accounting for about 15% -20% restriction policy has been to suppress the release of this demand. Under the mortgage policy is expected to stimulate relaxation, upgrade demand is expected to double, to promote the overall real estate sales increased by about 20%.

Property micro stimulus is still gradually introduced. Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Finance, the People's Bank have jointly issued a document required to promote the mutual recognition of off-site housing provident fund deposit, transfer and continuation, and to promote off-site loan business; workers even pay six months can apply for the loan fund.

Recognition of the housing loan does not recognize stimulate demand

21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that the central bank released a week after the New Deal, the major commercial banks recognize the universal implementation of the first suite loan policy does not recognize the room, but the enforcement of the first suite of interest rate concessions reservations.

According to melt 360 site shows, only Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank and some other commercial banks, the first suite of interest rate -9.5 can enjoy 10% discount, and the remaining bank interest rates generally remain the first suite of benchmark interest rates. 21st Century Business Herald reporter found that even part of the first suite can enjoy 10% discount of commercial banks, mortgage applicants still set many restrictions. For example, CITIC Bank provides a 10% discount of the conditions is to buy insurance for 10 years, one year 10,000 yuan; China Merchants Bank provides 15% of the savings and loan amount of margin a year, get 10%, the amount of 5% margin deposit and lending a years, enjoy 9.5 discount.

Centaline analyst Zhang Dawei said that the current interest rates of commercial banks first suite no significant concessions, even if some concessions, but also many other conditions that came, but that did not make the market feel a great disappointment, "Housing loan does not recognize" For many buyers who has a huge discount, which can greatly reduce the stress of their down payment, the potential demand for the release of the property market.

The reaction of the market also confirmed the recognition of the housing loan policy does not recognize, indeed stimulate a lot of demand.

After eleven, second-hand stores in six cities Centaline new source continues to increase, the average daily new source 11000, compared with September's daily average increase of about 6 percent.

Visiting stores increase, indicating the intention to purchase the crowd is increasing, which is the basis for the next volume recovery in the property market trading activity is being restored.

According to Albert I love my home market monitoring Research Institute, in October before the 12 days, Beijing, I love my family signed a contract for the sale of second-hand housing amount (not including net signed) over the same period in September rose 121% over last year, up 64.2% . Chain of family property internal data show that in October the second week of trading volume grew 44 percent last week.

Easy Home researcher Yan Yuejin on 21st Century Business Herald reporter said that the first suite 7 discount rate, the possibility of future implementation still exist, depending on whether the active market volume, as well as commercial bank lending pressure. If the market can quickly boost the volume, 70% of the bottom line would not have to touch. If the market volume is not good, the local government is bound to spur commercial banks to actively lend.

Rebound can be expected?

In the credit policy to stimulate the market by the cautious attitude of pessimism into optimism.

Chain of home real estate market research Zhang Xu believes that the new housing is an important source to characterize the amount of lifting the market to pick up, but also an important condition for the subsequent development of the market. Leveraging the current round of policy adjustments have intention to purchase a large number of customers, the amount of new customers to the current level of prediction, October Beijing second-hand housing turnover exceeded 1 million units have been no problem.

Dawei that part of the city as well as from the sale of part of the project point of view, a positive signal to relax credit gradually. Needs to improve the property market will become an important support for the next phase of the force. From buyers psychological investigation during the National Day, the part of the demand has been afraid to start again Takong showings market, is expected to fall after the implementation details, trading volume is expected to significantly recover, but in the short term appears less likely massive rebound, because inventory to a long time, the supply of credit will not exceed 2012.

In the new house, the developers are generally turned more optimistic attitude.

Chairman of the township Salim Group Lai Yi in Qingdao Lalu opening day, told reporters that "real estate continent over the next 15 years, or to maintain will go up, purchase orders, credit limit orders are lifted, the property will immediately resume, I continent Real estate is very confident. "

The new real estate market discount rate also began to narrow. First opened on Beijing Xi Yue Shan Lan Ting average opening weekend for 21,500 yuan / square meter, compared with the previous period opening price was up 3 percent, opening concessions from "10000 arrived 50000" to "10000 against 30000." .

Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high judge conducting multiple positive policy level to the level of demand for property, on the one hand will strengthen the confidence of buyers look at the market outlook, it also reduces the down payment and the actual cost of credit for the first time to improve the type of buyers, thus Pull in a wait period, the suspension of the purchase plan customer base market transaction, expected in the fourth quarter, Beijing commercial housing turnover will rise. However, she believes that developers in the sales, inventory pressures, will continue to "run quantity" based.

21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that the developers are not strong willingness prices, the vast majority still hopes to market to pick up the amount of buildup. For example, Hopson Moore mansion set for the current first class customer demand, the introduction of "universal credit room" operations. The first trial of 50 sets of housing source, customers simply pay a small amount of the deposit, you can get a certain period of free trial to live right, the decision to purchase the deposit into buyers expense, if the customer does not want to purchase, the unconditional return of the deposit.

Hopson relevant responsible person said, the company is still primarily wishes to increase promotional efforts to accelerate to the inventory, the rapid return of funds.

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