S&P 500: Sell Yourself to China

China overhauling IPO process, mulls foreign firms listing: report
China will switch to a "registration system" for initial public offerings (IPO), ending the current approval process, the official China Securities Journal reported on Tuesday, a day after parliament began reviewing draft changes to the Securities Law.

A registration system - used in mature markets such as the United States, where the market decides who gets to list, when, and for how much - will obviate the China Securities Regulatory Commission's (CSRC) role as the approval agency, industry sources say, and leave companies to register with stock exchanges to float shares.

...The draft also stipulated requirements for share issuance by foreign companies in China, the newspaper said, without going into details. The move would be a step toward creating an "international board", which China has said it would launch eventually.
Imagine the P/E ratios of firms such as Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs or Coca-Cola in China. Given these companies are transparent and pay sizable dividends relative to many Chinese companies, they'd easily climb in price to double, triple or even more of their U.S. market P/E.

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