Beijing Cuts Housing Land Supply By 25%

In 2014, only 61.4% of land transfer targets were met in Beijng, down 20.2% from the year before. In response, the city has cut land supply by 25% in 2015. The breakdown in 2014 was as follows:
Among them, the mining warehouse space supply 191 hectares, 42.4% completed the program, the lowest proportion; residential land supply 1195 hectares, 72.4% completed the program, in which commercial residential land supply 517 hectares, 51.7 percent plan to complete, affordable housing 678 hectares of land supply project, completed 104.3%.
For 2015, the total land supplied for commercial housing will drop 25%:
The total amount of state-owned construction land supply plan year 2015 4600 hectares. Among them, the public administration and public services 800 hectares of land and facilities for the elderly to continue to separate the land 60 hectares; 1750 ha land for transportation arrangements, focusing on protection of Beijing's new airport and other key project sites; water conservancy and water facilities, 50 hectares of land; special 50 hectares of land; 350 hectares of land mines warehousing; 1200 hectares of residential land, including 450 hectares of affordable housing projects, commercial housing 750 hectares; 400 hectares business taking place.

2014 total for the program in Beijing for 5150 hectares of land, of which 1650 hectares of residential land supply plan, of which 650 hectares of affordable housing projects, commercial housing 1000 hectares. Compared with last year's program plan, residential land supply plan to reduce by 27%. Including from the housing, including housing supply area is also reduced by 25%.
Although the main reason is obviously falling demand, the city also says it wants to conserve land and ease development.

iFeng: 北京住房用地挂钩人口疏解 今年拟少供25%

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