Rebalancing and Revaluing: Foreign Investment Falls 30%, But Service Sector Growing

Use of foreign capital fell 30% in the first six months of 2015, but the service sector saw foreign capital climb 19.6% and now accounts for 62% of foreign capital deployed in China. Financial services saw foreign investment climb 381%.
Exchange rate depreciation will have lasted nearly two years of foreign reflux fears further enlarged, but this is the most sensitive to the feelings of all the real estate industry. In total fixed asset investment, foreign share is rapidly decreasing. Last year, the Chinese capital in place completed investment in fixed assets, the use of foreign investment decreased by 8.3%, while as of the end of June 2015, China's utilization of foreign capital has reached 30.9 percent decline.

On the other hand, the first seven months of this year, in agriculture, manufacturing the actual use of foreign investment are lower down the situation, the actual use of foreign investment in the service sector unexpectedly grow, especially in the financial services sector to foreign Capital maintained a strong appeal. January-July 2015, the actual use of foreign investment services $ 47.5 billion, an increase of 19.6% in the proportion of the national total of 62%. Among them, the actual use of foreign investment growth in the financial services industry the most significant, an increase of 381.1%.

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and investment can hold the data associated with the real economy is the most important reference index.

Qiming Venture Partners Zhang Yong told the Economic Observer reported, "There are foreign background of these investment institutions actually see more of China's long-term development, the basic of tune is not changed, but now return home produced some short-term view, even there has been excessive pessimism bias adjustment, which is more serious in Hong Kong, we can clearly see an exodus of foreign investment are Hong Kong and the Mainland. "
Economic Observer: 利用外资下降30% 外资加速撤离中国

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