Enough Restrictions? Hot Cities Housing Markets "Frozen"

China's housing market could be in the doldrums for 5 to 10 years...and that's the optimistic scenario if prices hold up or continue rising.
iFeng: 热门城市成交急冻 未来5-10年楼市临两大利空
As for the real ultimate move, long-acting mechanism of combination therapy have 5-10 years. Why is this so long? The reason is also involved in all parties. How to balance is really troublesome. What is even more crucial is whether the long-term mechanism will continue to maintain a consistent upward trend after its entry into force. This is the key issue. Otherwise, the long-term mechanism will fail and make no sense.

Around the local revenue, the long-term mechanism will carry out detailed argumentation in terms of taxation, land transfer, finance and market players. Therefore, Gu Changyun optimistic estimate is 5-10 years.
Is this time finally for real? We'll find out in about 12 to 18 months.

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