The West Is Being Carved Up, Occupied and Sold to Highest Bidder

Australia is the front-line for the West's engagement with China. And things are not going well, if one wants there to be an independent West (or even Western civilization given demographic trends) in 100 years:

At Macro Business: Beijing knows exactly what it’s doing Downunder.
It starts with opinion from a strategic analyst:
Third, we need to push for greater reciprocity in our relations with China. This is easier said than done because our two systems mean Chinese are permitted freedoms here that are denied to Australians in China, including in business and commerce. For example­, foreign companies can only invest in Chinese cloud businesses with local partners while Chinese competitors are not subjec­t to the same restrictions.

Fourth, foreign, trade and defence­ policy must be recalibrated and fully joined up if the strategy is to be efficacious, which is one reason why the idea of a quadripartite dialogue with Japan, India and the US has renewed ­appeal. Contrary to its critics, this is not a mutual defence pact or an Asian NATO designed to contain China. China is not containable and none of the dialogue partners has any desire to sign on to such a futile endeavour.
The right and left in the West have two strategies for dealing with China right now. The left's plan is colonization. They are using subversion through foreign students and NGOs to push American progressive ideology into China. The Chinese have clamped down on Western NGOs, cultural influence in movies and TV, ideological threats in textbooks. The problem for China is, it Cannot Fight Cultural Marxism With Marxism. China is "open territory" for anyone pitching a religion because the communists wiped out tradition, but didn't replace it. The result is China doesn't fight fire with fire, it uses state power. It gets in trouble for jailing feminists. It is headed down the same path as Russia, except Russia has Orthodox Christianity. That might not avert a kinetic war with the West once progressives have power again, but it opens the door to rapprochement with the West if there is a religious revival. China lacks such a link. It is on a path to war with the progressive West. (A recent headline along these lines: Chinese Researchers Experiment With Anti-Gay Spray)

The establishment right in the West is globalist, and therefore cannot confront China's soft power. Back to the Macro Business article:
Sensible enough but way too many motherhood statements. It’s too top down when China’s soft power push into Australia is also bottom up. For instance, if Australian property prices become dependent upon Chinese capital inflows then the risk is that personal wealth allegiances shift towards it no matter what a few spooks want. Likewise in universities and other services sectors that use cheap foreign student labour.

There is also the crazily high immigration intake which is importing a larger Chinese community and expanding its influence (which is nothing against them as individuals or ethnic Chinese).

But if we want to bulwark the nation’s democracy then these grass-roots influences must each also be addressed directly:

cut immigration to more manageable levels (at least half);
police foreign buying of property properly and implement global anti-money laundering rules pertaining to real estate;
promote new codes of practice for academic freedom;
revisit foreign student working hour provisions.

And on it goes.
Chinese immigration increases GDP and therefore is good according to the establishment right. It has no plan, but since the American right it is willing to confront China militarily, that's where it will find common ground with progressives (as they have with Russia). The risk of military confrontation will only increase over time...until there are enough Chinese in the country, or it is inextricably linked economically, such that confronting China becomes too difficult. And if a confrontation with China is necessary at that point, the costs will be far higher because it will risk economic devastation and probably some form of domestic ethnic conflict.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And those who cannot see emerging trends underway right now that show this history already repeating, are in charge of most Western governments. The Chinese don't call them Baizuo for nothing.

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