Culture Leads Politics: America is Fracturing

The Internet brings the world together, but it also fractures it because there's no longer centralized media narrative. People will common interests are brought together. Greater choice causes greater segregation because people have varying interests. When those line up with a larger identity, it is fuel for a political movement. Self-identified "Americans" may already be a minority of people in the United States. There is no mass culture, there is no mass media, and racial and ethnic identity overlap with cultural trends. Major political fracture is coming.

Federalist: In The Era Of Niches, Pop Culture Is Starting To Feel More Mysterious Than Ever
But it also means there’s more incentive for the creators of pop culture to carve us up by our differences rather than find ways to bring us together. It means we’re sharing fewer cultural experiences beyond the process of logging onto Netflix or Spotify, after which the home screen is already customized. On top of all this, it means we’re more and more in the dark about what’s entertaining us, and why that matters. What does cultural impact look like in an era of proliferating niches, where the metrics are murky?
When social mood takes the next leg down, the tension between these nations will increase exponentially.

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